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Being a virtual creative agency–one recognized by design rush as a leading advertising agencies in California, we felt that we could offer some valuable tips on working from home. Heck, we’ve been doing it for over 5 years PC (Pre-Coronavirus). I asked some of our team if they could share some tips on working from home.

Here are a few tips for working from home from some experts:

Shelly recommends setting a schedule and stick to it. Get organized – keep a list of work and prioritize them in to-do-order. Exercise and get outside before or after work. Or if you have a standing desk, do some exercises there too. And most importantly, make sure to eat lunch but don’t eat at your workspace.

Courteney says “establishing a routine”.  Having to deal with school pick ups and afternoon events for kids has forced her to be productive in the early parts of the day. Now that all kids are homebound that present additional challenges but still trying to stick to same routine. She also suggests creating a space in the garage replete with green screen background so your geeky husband can add cool backgrounds to his conference calls.

Justin suggests taking advantage of time zone differences. This is a huge benefit for teams located across the country. You can send off revisions late at night and see them completed early the next morning. Also, to pay for the premium version of your streaming music. Avoid being distracted by ads, especially when you’re creating ads. And lastly, to take a quick break at least once an hour (walk your dog, stretch, meditate with a mindfulness app like Headspace, etc).

Sarah recommends setting your default online meeting start up so video is on manual to avoid your face popping up (or your kids) when not wanted, and most importantly, that evening meetings require wineSean says to set times aside you plan to work, for him it’s 9-6. Be sure to let your family know you are working 9-6 and don’t interrupt. You should also try to set aside a room, as your office. Make it off limits to everyone, when you walk out, let them know your public domain.

Stick to the basics.

And my tips: Try not to reinvent the world from your home–Or if you do want to reinvent the world, do it in bite sized pieces.

Start by Making your bed. It’s amazing what starting your day with one little achievement can do for the rest of your day. When possible, I like to get dressed to go to work, jump in my car, put on some great tunes and head out to get a coffee. Then I trick myself by “heading to the office”.

Repeat after me: Stay. Off. Facebook.

Stick to LinkedIn as it’s usually relevant to your job.

Track your time. It’s amazing how much of the average day can seem to just evaporate. Make it into a fancy pie chart to see just how big a chunk is wasted web surfing, or more recently, doomsurfing”.

And lastly, get inspired. Be sure to take breaks to go in search of new knowledge. It’s really easy to get into a routine/rut. There is so much available to us on the internet these days.

Here’s just a short list of things you can start learning today:

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