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We may be a creative agency, but we have a ton of respect for the folks that work in-house for brands. In fact, we work closely with internal teams all the time. You probably know a creative or two who has made the switch between agency and client-side. (I was even a CD for short time at a division of L’Oreal.)

I thought it was about time to shine some light on some great work being developed by in-house agencies.

This unique campaign captured my attention. Ever played “guess the receipt”? Xero’s UK team did just that one Halloween night, posting a series of receipts on LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and Instagram. Followers were asked to guess the owner of the receipt, tax deductions, and reconcilable expenses. This award-winning campaign was a hit and super engaging!

LinkedIn created this spot to talk about the benefits of their premium services. Ones that help job seekers stand out in a sea of sameness. Artfully simple and to the point.

No mention of in-house creative can be had without mentioning Liquid Death.

Those in-house creative geniuses (literally, they were started by an ex-agency creative) never disappoint.

Not all ex-agency folks go in-house

Many prefer the variety freelance can bring. We were designed back in 2009 as a “hub” agency. It doesn’t matter the industry, or platform–we bring in just the right specialists for any project.

Clients believe in the hub model too.

We have a perfect 5 Star Rating on the top agency review site, Clutch.

Click here to see what our clients are saying. (and to everyone who gave us a review – thank you!!)

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