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We’ve been on the lookout for impressive AI usage in advertising, finding only a few noteworthy instances. AI is used daily to expedite the creative process from image retouching and concept development (us included), but few brands have fully committed to it through final production.

Brands like Body Armor and LEGO have faced criticism for their use of AI, while others are seen as pioneers in this uncharted territory of  advertising. Like any tool, AI can be employed effectively or ineffectively.

Below are a few examples that made the most of the new technology.



What caught my (A) eye

The Washington Lottery has launched a campaign, created by VML and Secret Level, allowing users to envision their dream vacation via selfies. This interactive experience, dubbed “Test drive a win“, utilizes AI to create engaging adventures, such as running with the bulls, moon travel, or swimming with sharks–all shareable and downloadable.



Recently, Rethink in Canada developed another impressive application of AI for their iconic client, Heinz Ketchup. Their latest campaign includes a simple prompt, resulting in pure Heinz branding. It serves as a pleasant, straightforward reminder that Heinz is synonymous with Ketchup.



A little more humanity never hurts

Our client Dexcare, a healthcare technology company from Seattle, had recently rebranded with another agency. However, not every detail was considered in the design solution. That’s where Circa stepped in.


After assessing the brand positioning and the existing assets, we refined the brand to make it more human and inviting. The original cold Swiss-inspired design has transformed into a warm unique visual language used across all platforms; including brand playbook, website, social marketing and sales materials.


Speaking of good work

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Planning to incorporate AI in your campaigns? As Midjourney would say, “Deam big!”


Oh, and if anyone needs a few reasons to believe – we’re super stoked to have a perfect 5 Star Rating on the top agency review site, Clutch.

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